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Q: Where do I find information on "xyz"?
A: Please refer to the syllabus, very likely you will find information there. If it's not in the syllabus, then please reach out to the course staff.
Q: How should I best reach out to the course staff?
A: Almost all questions should be asked on Piazza (consider using Piazza's search functionality to check whetehr a similar question has been answered before). If you deem Piazza inappropriate (e.g. for sensitive issues) you can email the instructors directly.
Q: I was not able to enroll for the class. Can I sit in?
A: Since most of the lectures are designed around student project updates, we do not generally allow sit-ins. It is, however, fine to sit in the first 4 lectures delivered by the instructor provided that there is enough space.

Course Staff

2020 Spring Staff

Mathias Unberath

Webpage Manager

What students say ...

Quotes from the Spring 2020 evaluation

This course is among the top two courses I've taken at Hopkins, in my opinion. As a pair, Deep Learning and AISD courses present an invaluable experience that no other course compared to.

Fantastic instruction from both professor and TAs. Hopkins really needed a class like this!

The amount of reports required for each submitted homework roughly matched the amount of written code, which is unusual for CS software classes.